Parents Teachers’ meeting and Carrier Counselling


On 26th of December 2020 a parents teachers meeting was organised of classes 9th to 12th.It was an interactive meeting.The session started with the Relaxation session of Parents done by Mrs Rekha Hatwal. Parents of classes from 9th to 12th attended the workshop our Penalist Mrs.Shakti Manocha Behavioural Counsellor, Mrs.Rekha Hatwal Senior Acadamic Advisor and Mrs. Tripti Chopra Geography mentor took their session and then the carrier counselling session was taken up by Mrs.Ankita Chamoli Pokhriyal and Mrs.Mamta Sharma.The teachers who took the workshop were immensely experienced .The interactions made sure that there was no low point in the session. It gave everyone a clear perspective for the long run. All the factors affecting the choice of the students were addressed. They showed presentations and various forms which were and organized and broken down into particular streams. It was very informative and interactive.It was indeed a share worthy experience.